Our footprint

What is the definition of glamping?

Glamping is short for glamorous camping. It’s a luxury experience in the middle of nature, with certain camping elements. We have made an effort to create an atmosphere in- and outside the igloos where you experience comfort. You will enter an igloo with Scandinavian design furniture that is set up as a living room when you arrive, and transforms into your bedroom at night.  You will enjoy quality duvets and pillows, a wood-oven that will keep you warm, supplies  that you usually would carry in your backpack and an outdoor area tailored for you to enjoy.

The camping elements of your experience is as follows:

  • The igloos are illuminated with candles and solar lights. There is no electricity available.
  • The toilets are traditional Norwegian «utedo», meaning it is an outside installation.

What sceneries can you experience?

If you are a tree-hugger, you are drawn to big views or you like to stay close to water, we got you covered. What all the igloos have in common, is that they are located far enough into the nature for you to enjoy full privacy, but also accessible enough for you to not spend two days to get here.


Four easy steps to your next stay in magical surroundings


You book the location that you find alluring.


We send you the booking confirmation and you get connected to the host for your stay.

Additional services

The host will offer you additional services like food and beverages, canoe rental, bicycle rental, etc.


Exhale and enjoy your stay.